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Why Dogs Bite People (Cute Halloween Pet Costumes)

This is a page of various dog costumes (and other pet costumes) that I compiled these from my internet travels. If you have any more photos of Halloween pet costumes, feel free to send them along and I'll post them.


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I switched. And so can you.

"It's a bird, it's a plane. . . it's SuperDog!"

Harry Potter turned into a cat!

Waddle, waddle.

Beware, the Mark of Zorro!

"It wasn't me, occifer!"

Is this a dog in an alligator costume? or did an alligator eat a dog?

Look, it's Gordon Gecko in Wall Street!

I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!

"Luke, I am your father's dog!"

First responder

Just doing a little dusting.

Very innovative!

This dog just got leid.

Aye, maytee!

Operation Desert Storm.

Pooh Bear and Piglett.

Princess Laya.


Sylvester Stallone looks great in that new Rambo movie.

Hmmm, there's something strange about this shipment of Chiquita Bananas.

I vant to suck your blood!

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"Grandmother, what big teeth you have!"


It's the cast of Scrubs.

"All for one and one for all!"

This little pooch makes a perfect Yoda in his custom made costume!
"Use The Force, Luke!"

Another pooch in a Yoda costume. This one seems to be popular.

Wait, I thought spiders were supposed to have eight legs, not ten!

With four legs, this guy could probably beat everyone in the New York City Marathon!

I'm so hungry I could eat two hot dogs!

This one looks like a rich older widow. Haha.

Peace man!

There's a dog head growing out of that giraffe's neck!

Where's the Mayor McCheese costume!?

Pilgrims and Indians never got along so well!

Here's the Skipper. . . where's Gilligan?

Cheerleader dog says "Gimme a B, gimme an O, gimme an N, gimme an N! What's that spell?"

"What you doing today?" "Oh, we're just hanging out. . ."

What your dog does when you're at work!

Does Harry Potter really have a three headed hell hound as a pet?

"Boo! Now gimme some candy!"

For that dog's sake, I hope that's a cleverly designed costume!

Who is this? Tinkerbell?

Peace, mon!

"Lookie here! I'm your birthday clown."

This is what my dogs looked like when I told them there was no Santa Claus.

Dog with nerd glasses. (Submission by Gustavo G.)

Vampire dog. (Submission by Gustago G.)

Luckily this pup wasn't dressed up - just Photoshopped. (Submission by Gustavo G.)

Santa, you sure have changed! (Submission by Gustavo G.)

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